del Capitan

I am an old soul in a young body.

A self proclaimed Captain, I command a flying ship. My crew are my dog Capitan Mago Aureliano Buendia Fulgenzi (he’s co-captain of the ship), a bartending Yeti, a chimpanzee named Norm (second-in-command), and the love of my life, Kim. The ship, functionally, is a lot like Santa’s sleigh. That is, it’s capable of silent transportation at the speed of light, and brings joy to everyone who comes into contact with it.

By day I am a tutor and classroom manager at a boarding school and entrepreneur and travel guide.

By night I am a photographer, designer (graphic and product), climber, romantic, unsponsored athlete, poet, beer drinker, traveler, writer, runner, bicycle enthusiast, lover, coffee drinker, shaman, introvert, builder, motorcyclist, minimalist, cheese monger, sommelie, crossword puzzler, indulgent, musician, entrepreneur, field guide, and environmentalist.

I believe that abnegation begets indulgence, and indulgence is divine. As such, I have deduced that if God exists, Ben and Jerry’s Chubby Hubby, Cambozola Black Label, strong IPAs and smooth cigars are proof of God’s love (Thank you, Benjamin Franklin).

I believe that we collectively create our reality. Nothing just happens. Which means that the things we see, read, hear, do, think contribute to that reality. Why are our government leaders corrupt? Because we foster a fundamental belief that government leaders are corrupt. Sounds circular, right? It is. And it’s the way things work in my world.

Photography is quickly becoming a full-time hobby for me. If you’re interested in seeing more photos, check out my Facebook page for some recent posts, or cruise over to my photo gallery.


  1. I love the statement, “am an old soul in a young body”. Can’t wait to read more about the adventures!

  2. Capt. Richard Barone · · Reply

    I am a young soul in an old body,,,need out

    1. The tropics and surfing keep you young.

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