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Negative Feedback Loops

Mark Zuckerberg is in Denial I just read an article in the New Yorker about how rising temperatures on the planet create negative feedback loops of melting rates on the ice sheets in Greenland (i.e. melting causes more melting; it’s science).   I believe and have discussed with friends (in real life) that Facebook creates […]

Alaska: Part 2

If you’re just picking up here, you might consider reading Alaska: Part 1, first. Day Three: The stifling heat of the four-season single-wall tent woke us with no mercy. The tiny vents at the top of the tent let in little more than hundreds of vociferous mosquitos. The past few days in Alaska temperatures had […]

Originally posted on Costa Rica Blog Network:
A note from the Publisher: The Costa Rica Blog Network has chosen to feature the following article for its honest and often times hilarious take on local travel in Costa Rica; “As anyone who has traveled extensively knows, much of the magic in being in another culture is experiencing how…

Start Giving: See the Joy of Giving

Narayanan Krishnan Video This man gives in a most inspiring way. While we do not have to make food in our own kitchen to feed others, nor do we have to bathe them, we are able to give in many, many ways. I ask, how do you give? What do you give? If you don’t, […]

Ego. Fog. Trust.

Does it ever feel like the world is conspiring to make you go crazy? To make you question your purpose? To challenge your idea of your Self and your identity? Thursday I got off work early. I was totally pumped. My plan was to have coffee with a friend, review my new maps for our […]

Danger: (Learning) Curves Ahead

After some small delays, my MacBook Pro arrived this afternoon. in spite of my best manifestation powers, I was unable to summon it any sooner. So, here I sit, one sleek laptop richer (in the dark with an illuminated keyboard, I might add), and $1500 poorer. As I have sat and fiddled with the machine […]

Movember: Meet Slim

In an effort to keep Movember moderately interesting, I present, Slim. I figured, the progress is so painstakingly slow, I might as well offer my other hair style deviations. Slim has been growing for over a year, but I twist him so much that he breaks off. I know, this entire post is ridiculous and […]

Death of an Acer: Infidelity in the Shadows

Alas poor Acer, I knew her well. My Acer died today. Well, not entirely. See, I think it probably got another virus of some sort. I got the blue screen of death when I booted it up, then damn near nothing. Some kind of error message and my cursor alone. Now that she has died, […]