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England Trek: Bolton Castle

Bolton Castle is a photographer’s dreamscape. Not only is it among the more well-preserved castles in England, but there is also ceaseless medieval entertainment. Because parts of the castle have crumbled away, the lines and shapes that the eye are drawn to are magnificent. The eraser of time has opened up most of the roof […]

England Trek: Bustle, Inertia, Integration, Favorites

I’ve backpacked hundreds and hundreds of miles. I’ve hiked and climbed thousands of feet in the alpine. I’ve walked innumerable city blocks. I’ve trained for and run many a foot race. I rode my bicycle from Sandpoint, Idaho to Phoenix, Arizona. So when I got asked to guide this trek in Europe, not only was […]

The Solace of Travel

¬†As long as he was merely pulling down the curtain of one landscape behind him and raising that of another in front of him, as long as he was merely driving, he did not need to make plans for the future, to decide how he should live, or even whether he should live. The above […]

England Trek: Arrival

Of all the trips I have taken this year, the one that stands out the most was my longest and most ambitious trip. In June trekEpic (trekepic.org) sent me a contract to be field guide and medic on a trek across the English countryside. Earlier that year my girlfriend, Kim, was hired as a guide […]