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Movember 27: Finality

Dearest readers, It is with great relief and regret that I post my final Movember picture. Though I am three days short of full month, I believe that I have served my peers well in this endeavor. Next year perhaps, I will join a Mo-team that raises money instead of just eyebrows. Enjoy.

Movember Day 25: Comrades in Mo

I’m in Atlanta with my family for Thanksgiving and so have not been focused on Movember postings. But this morning, I woke up and had received a picture message from my girlfriend. When I opened the text, two Mo-bros, one of whom is beating testicular cancer, were grinning at me from under their heinous moustaches. […]

Movember Day 20: My Name is Earl?

Here it is. Two-thirds of the way through this mustache growing fundraiser and the only thing I have raised are eyebrows. But I am beginning to feel a little bit like a Conquistador. Can you see it? Tights, a tutu, velvet jacket, a compass in my pocket, blood on my hands. I digress.

Movember Day 17: Holly’s Eve

Holly’s Eve is the gala holiday event in Sandpoint. It is a fundraiser for a number of local organizations that support the arts, people with disabilities, and the needy, to name a few. As it is Sandpoint, attendees’ dress varies from patent leather shoes and tuxedos to skate shoes and sweatshirts. There’s a fashion show, […]

Movember Day 16: It is your destiny…

Yesterday, I had my first affirmation of this project. I saw a friend on the street and she chuckled and quipped, “Nice Movember!” Which, after yesterday’s post certainly bolstered my spirits a bit in this endeavor. Not to mention stumbling upon a four-disc Stevie Wonder collection entitled “At The Close of a Century”; I’m listening […]

Movember Day 14: (un)Lucky Floor

Sideways Stories From Wayside School is a collection of shorts for young readers from my childhood. Anybody who is around 30 years old probably remembers it. Never was it a hit like¬†Harry Potter or Twilight, but it sure got some of the dorks excited when it came time to read it. Anyway, the school was […]

Movember Day 12: Blood, Sweat, and Hairs.

Blood: I cut myself awfully good. Sweat: There’s only one cause to pimples. Hairs: Well…

Movember: ‘Stache Bash

For a number of years my friends and I put on a ‘Stache Bash in June. It started as the typical end of winter celebration. Dudes shear their beards into mustaches. Babes paint of paste mustaches on their upper lips. Shoot, even dogs got in on the action. As the even grew from its humble […]

Movember 10: Alexander the Great and Rue

I’m nearly one-third of the way through this thing, and already I hate it. I hate the shaving. I hate the generally putting energy into my appearance. By no means am I slovenly, but, as previously stated nor do I shave this much. I mean, good lord. Alexander the Great promoted shaving in his troops, […]

Movember: Meet Slim

In an effort to keep Movember moderately interesting, I present, Slim. I figured, the progress is so painstakingly slow, I might as well offer my other hair style deviations. Slim has been growing for over a year, but I twist him so much that he breaks off. I know, this entire post is ridiculous and […]