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Movember 27: Finality

Dearest readers, It is with great relief and regret that I post my final Movember picture. Though I am three days short of full month, I believe that I have served my peers well in this endeavor. Next year perhaps, I will join a Mo-team that raises money instead of just eyebrows. Enjoy.

Movember Day 14: (un)Lucky Floor

Sideways Stories From Wayside School is a collection of shorts for young readers from my childhood. Anybody who is around 30 years old probably remembers it. Never was it a hit like Harry Potter or Twilight, but it sure got some of the dorks excited when it came time to read it. Anyway, the school was […]

Movember Day 12: Blood, Sweat, and Hairs.

Blood: I cut myself awfully good. Sweat: There’s only one cause to pimples. Hairs: Well…

Movember: ‘Stache Bash

For a number of years my friends and I put on a ‘Stache Bash in June. It started as the typical end of winter celebration. Dudes shear their beards into mustaches. Babes paint of paste mustaches on their upper lips. Shoot, even dogs got in on the action. As the even grew from its humble […]

Movember 10: Alexander the Great and Rue

I’m nearly one-third of the way through this thing, and already I hate it. I hate the shaving. I hate the generally putting energy into my appearance. By no means am I slovenly, but, as previously stated nor do I shave this much. I mean, good lord. Alexander the Great promoted shaving in his troops, […]

Movember: Day 8

It’s officially, totally, undeniably, absolutely, without-a-doubt, a moustache. Check out my movember page if you feel compelled to donate to the cause: http://us.movember.com/mospace/4904065  

Movember: Day 7

Progress is miserably slow.

Movember 6: Election Day

Ode to ‘Stache handle-less broom no room for cream, lest I want to stash lipids in my ‘stache   it feels so wrong, it looks so right   good ‘stache good ‘stache guide us tonight

Movember: Mustache Tonic

Weird things happen with Dr. Shir’s Hemp Mustache Tonic.

Movember: Day 3

I haven’t had this much fuzz on my upper lip since my freshman year in  high school. Nor have I shaved this frequently since, well, ever. Slow progress I guess.