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Movember Day 25: Comrades in Mo

I’m in Atlanta with my family for Thanksgiving and so have not been focused on Movember postings. But this morning, I woke up and had received a picture message from my girlfriend. When I opened the text, two Mo-bros, one of whom is beating testicular cancer, were grinning at me from under their heinous moustaches. […]

Movember Day 20: My Name is Earl?

Here it is. Two-thirds of the way through this mustache growing fundraiser and the only thing I have raised are eyebrows. But I am beginning to feel a little bit like a Conquistador. Can you see it? Tights, a tutu, velvet jacket, a compass in my pocket, blood on my hands. I digress.

Movember Day 17: Holly’s Eve

Holly’s Eve is the gala holiday event in Sandpoint. It is a fundraiser for a number of local organizations that support the arts, people with disabilities, and the needy, to name a few. As it is Sandpoint, attendees’ dress varies from patent leather shoes and tuxedos to skate shoes and sweatshirts. There’s a fashion show, […]

Movember Day 16: It is your destiny…

Yesterday, I had my first affirmation of this project. I saw a friend on the street and she chuckled and quipped, “Nice Movember!” Which, after yesterday’s post certainly bolstered my spirits a bit in this endeavor. Not to mention stumbling upon a four-disc Stevie Wonder collection entitled “At The Close of a Century”; I’m listening […]

Movember: Meet Slim

In an effort to keep Movember moderately interesting, I present, Slim. I figured, the progress is so painstakingly slow, I might as well offer my other hair style deviations. Slim has been growing for over a year, but I twist him so much that he breaks off. I know, this entire post is ridiculous and […]